Lone palm tree, Sir!

It is a year, today, since he passed on from this world, almost unnoticed, unappreciated even. Not that he looked for appreciation. For as long and as far as I knew him, he looked for other things in his long and self-made life. Till the end, there were things that could light up his eye—a […]

The PEST solution

In what is being heralded as one of the most visionary efforts in recent times to stem the extinction crisis, a collaborative effort by ecologists and economists from India, Brazil, and the USA has developed a novel solution for biodiversity conservation. Announcing this amidst great excitement today at a packed press conference at the Carneghee […]

Chiffchaffing about a ring species

Willow warbler is a very common migratory leaf warbler. This small bird has shown a ray of hope to those evolutionary biologists who have always been supporting what is called a ring species. There were always more evidence of the mode speciation in biology where one species diverges into two species due to some kind […]