The Gaur and the Gourmands

Nothing in nature goes to waste. This was what we documented by setting up a camera-trap at the carcass of a dead gaur. On 23 December 2012, the staff of the Tamil Nadu Forest Department found a dead young adult gaur on the boundary of the Anamalai Tiger Reserve and a tea plantation. In the […]

When the mountains moved…

The fading light on the western horizon manifested the imminent arrival of the darkness of the night that would soon engulf the jagged mountains.The formidable mountains always stood stark and motionless, as if standing witness to the long chain of events shaping this remote landscape. Sometimes though, it seemed as if the mountains spoke, as […]

When the cat did not have its fill

Or How apparently harmless human presence can disturb an elusive carnivore by Rishi Kumar Sharma (Rishi is in field at the moment with little access to email and I am posting this on his behalf) It was a usual summer morning at Spiti; the first rays of the sun were illuminating the tops of the […]