Signs of stress—in elephant poop

We humans don’t just stress each other out, sometimes elephants too are affected by our activities. And signs of this stress have been found in what might seem like a rather unlikely place—their poop!   Wildlife habitat everywhere is shrinking, and India is no exception—forests are being converted to places that aren’t as welcoming towards […]

Field tales: surveying the endangered Nilgiri tahr

by Devika Rathore   Last month, we had a cross-programme survey—the High Altitude and Valparai teams got together to survey Anamalai Tiger Reserve for the endangered Nilgiri tahr! What a treat it is to watch these tahrs leap over grass-covered hills—they are found in the Western Ghats and nowhere else in the world!     We woke up to the […]

Something strange in a bangle shop!

Notice anything strange in this picture? Something that would be absolutely out of place in a bangle shop? Look close, that isn’t a stuffed toy near the necklaces on the right. It’s a Malabar giant squirrel! This squirrel is the size of a small dog, has a gorgeous burgundy and cream coat and spends most of its day jumping […]

Basheer’s Hawk Eagle

Read the Tamil version of this article here. The car was moving from Valparai towards Pollachi through the Ghat road with curves and hairpin-bends. Sitting in the front seat, I was looking out at the roadside of the forest area. When we passed Attakatti we came upon a bare open space . A few metres […]

Where are elephants in Valparai? Find out on a bus!

Our Elephant Information Network has a new addition: voice announcement systems installed on government buses to alert passengers about elephant presence in the Valparai plateau. If you happen to hop onto a Government bus in Valparai in the evening, instead of that uptempo Tamil music that you were expecting though the speakers, you might be surprised […]

Bats like something in their tea!

Illustration: Rohan Chakravarty, New study shows that bats prefer rainforest fragments, riverine habitats and shade-grown coffee to tea plantations in the Valparai Plateau. The Western Ghats in India is the most densely populated biodiversity hotspot in the world! A mere six per cent of its old-growth forests remain; most of its natural vegetation has been […]

NCF’s Ananda Kumar Wins Whitley Award

For his extraordinary work on mitigating human-elephant conflict in the Valparai plateau, Ananda has been awarded the prestigious Green Oscar at a ceremony in London last month. Since 2002, Ananda has been studying elephants in the plateau where large expanses of rainforest have been flattened by tea and coffee plantations. Home to 75,000 workers, Valparai is […]

இயற்கையை அழித்தா வளர்ச்சி?

Unabridged Tamil version (Translated by P. Jeganathan) of “The long road to growth”  by T. R. Shankar Raman that appeared in The Hindu on 19th March 2015. Abridged version of this article appeared in The Hindu Tamil on 18th April 2015 (see here). கடந்த ஆகஸ்டு 2014 மற்றும் ஜனவரி 2015 நடந்த இரண்டே தேசிய காட்டுயிர் வாரியக் (National […]