Musings on Madras Museum

I visited the Zoology section of Madras Government Museum in 2014 and found that it to be an interesting place. As a wildlife biologist, I found the Natural history section very interesting as well as important for education and scientific reasons. Several collections displayed in this section are of historical importance, such as the rare […]

Nature in Music

We asked our staff for their favourite songs that evoke memories and feelings, merry and melancholy, of the natural world—ones that celebrate its beauty and wonder, and ones that lament about the environmental crises we’re grappling with today. And here are some of their suggestions. Do you have favourite tunes that moan about or celebrate nature? We’d love […]

Watching the wasp

It was late in the morning on the bank of the river Cauvery. Eight of us friends were walking along the tree-lined bank and watching birds in that strip of riverine forest filled with Terminalia arjuna trees. Suddenly someone screamed. Hey look at this! We all huddled together and looked where the finger was pointed. […]

River reverie

On the occasion of World Rivers Day, re-posting an article that appeared earlier in The Hindu Sunday Magazine. This article was based on experiences along the rivers of the Western Ghats. The rivers and streams of the Western Ghats are recognised as a globally important eco-region, and are the lifelines of Peninsular India. The river […]

Curd or chatni, Sir!

If you are near the NCF office in Mysore, Seetharam Shetty is the man to look out for. He is famous in the area, not by name but by what he has to offer. For one, he serves inexpensive, hygienic, clean and tasty food. Secondly, when this affable fifty-five year old serves food, he offers […]

Hornbills: Farmers of our forests

In April this year, The Hindu launched an exclusive schools edition. NCF has a weekly column each Wednesday in this paper, on wildlife, nature, conservation and other things directly or indirectly related to these. Twice a week on this blog, we’ll post the pieces that have appeared in the column. By Aparajita Datta Hornbills are […]