“Bit by pit…life goes on”

After applying some strong smelling balm around my entire foot he proceeded to heat a surgical blade. I closed my eyes and lay on the ground. And I screamed. A shout of panic-fear escaped my open mouth, and then another. I bit down on my tongue. The old man had made two slits below the […]

When the wind cried ‘Mary’

On a visit to Chowra Island in the Nicobar archipelago in October 2008, on being told to wait until evening to contact my islander informants, I was passing time with an assortment of police constables on duty on the islands’ lookout-post. They were involved in an intense game of cards, while I sat around bored […]

The island with its back to the sea

My pen feels strange to my fingers.  I have to relearn gently the act of writing.  The QWERTY keyboard has taken over my fingertips, and reduced my writing to emails excusing myself for mails unresponded to.  Perhaps I have to retreat to remote islands such as these if I have to rediscover the nib and […]