Tell us about hornbills you’ve seen!

Hornbills are unique birds. They get their name from the horn-like projection called a casque on top of their beak. They are larger than other forest birds. Hornbills are flashy with their over-sized beaks, bright skin around their eyes and long eyelashes. Most have a brilliantly coloured pouch of loose skin at their throat in […]

A meeting and words to remember

It is not often that one finds a person who is equally comfortable with his place at the head of a corporate boardroom of a leading company or being in a line of people trekking up a leech-infested rainforest or even diving into the ocean to admire the beauty of coral reefs. Someone who can […]

NCF newsstand

Another month has passed and here’s a bunch of interesting happenings at NCF, caught in the news… Being a marine conservationist Read the interview with NCF’s Manish Chandi in the Hindustan Times about being a marine conservationist, in an article rather strangely titled Sink or Survive. In Manish’s words: The primary challenge is yourself, and […]

NCF newsstand

A new year is here and we wish everyone a wonderful 2011 and many exciting days ahead! Here at Ecologic, we shall continue to carry interesting articles about nature, people, landscapes, and conservation issues written by our biologists and staff, which also convey a flavour of the places where we work. In an effort to […]