Birds on a wire

This is a longish account of a long drive from Bangalore to Kibber in the Trans-Himalaya. Notes I kept during the 10 day journey are largely conversations I had with myself but also with my partners in travel, and are used here to share what we experienced, saw and spoke of during this journey across […]

The tropicbirds of memory

The arrival of the postman at our doorstep, just before noon, is always a welcome event, more so when he brings something always awaited by us: a book or a magazine, or even the rare letter. Today, he brought the latest issue of Indian Birds, volume 8 number 5 of our subscription to this excellent bird journal, which […]

The Lion’s Share…

The forest is enveloped in an eerie silence…deep within this void lurks suspense, one that keeps you aware and alert. A thick, luxuriant carpet of dry teak leaves adorns the forest floor – a challenge for those who wish to walk quietly, it is a treat for the eyes of the admirers of beauty – in […]

NCF on FaceBook

You may know about NCF’s FaceBook page which is a place for all supporters of NCF to network and keep in touch with news, events and interesting asides from us. Today we have also launched The Weekly Wildlife, Nature and Conservation Photography Contest, where you can post photographs related to that week’s theme. Other members […]