Where the land meets the sea

by Pooja Rathod   Today’s article is not about animals walking on land or swimming in the ocean. It’s about big and small creatures living in-between – that is, where the land meets the sea. In this ‘inter-tidal zone’, the water rises and falls every few hours, alternately drowning and then completely drying out this […]

Stupendous Spiders

Eight legs and eight eyes Spun a web and caught three flies What comes to your mind when someone says the word “spider” to you? Long hairy legs and sticky webs? A scary little creature lurking in some deep dark corner? If you, like many people, don’t like spiders, that’s quite understandable since spiders rarely get much […]

Back home to the healing forest

Read Part I of the story here. Abhi and his parents are at a wildlife rescue centre.  They were driving to the village when Abhi saw an injured python on the road. Luckily, they found a helpline number on a signboard nearby and dialed it. The rescue team arrived, carefully scooped the snake and put […]

Abhi to the rescue!

Drive safe – Countless animals right from mighty elephants to tiny frogs lose their lives to reckless, speeding vehicles each year in India. Photo credit: Sanjay Gubbi Abhi looks out the window from the backseat. He and his parents are on their way to his grandmother’s house in the village. They’re driving through a road that runs […]

Eyes in the forest

by Rashmi Bhat   When I was young and could not sleep at night, my mother would ask me to “count sheep.” I was meant to imagine a large number of sheep jumping over a fence one by one, and to try counting them so that the repetitive exercise (and sheer boredom!) would lull me to sleep. […]

How I wish I was a fish!

Wouldn’t you love to be a fish – gorgeously coloured and interestingly shaped, spending your life jumping from one coral to another…just like a hawkfish? With a wonderfully apt name, these patient stalkers of prey behave like hawks. They rest and wait for that opportune moment when they can dash out to grab their meal. […]

Survival tips to a young fish from an old fish

by Rucha Karkarey Last week, you were a small fish fry who survived a perilous journey in the open ocean. You have nearly reached your destination now — a beautiful coral reef in the Lakshadweep islands. It is here that you will find a home and settle down for life. You’ve learnt last week that settling […]

The life of a fry

by Rucha Karkarey Where do baby fish come from? You probably thought about Nemo – the famous clownfish who was raised by his parents in an anemone ‘nest’. Many fish like Nemo rear their young, in makeshift nests. The trusty male seahorse nurtures his partner’s eggs in his stomach. Some strange fish like cardinalfish even […]

A crown in the flower

by Siddharthan Surveswaran When you pass through any wasteland in your locality you may notice a pale green plant with thick leaves and small purplish-white flowers. Some even grow this plant in front of their houses for religious purposes. This plant is calledCalotropis, and it is a widespread kind of milkweed, originally from Africa. When […]


by Rashmi Bhat An endangered species makes a living off people’s garbage “Paltan Bazaar to Boragaon”, I told my cab driver. “Where in Boragaon?” he enquired. “The massive dumping ground”, I said. His smile betrayed his thought: “Another one of those crazy tourists”. Still, he drove me to Boragaon. Mid-way, he got curious. “Why would […]