Calendar 2015

When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.

Aldo Leopold

If land is community, land and seascapes in India are as myriad as our people. From permafrost in the great Himalaya, to the boggling colours of the coral reefs, from small brooks that become mighty rivers to cold deserts that still support humans and wildlife, and in all the many jungles that once covered large tracts of central and southern India, we are gifted a community of plenty, a community that sustains us, physically and spiritually.

This calendar is a small reminder to ourselves and to you, to see these land and waterscapes not only as ‘habitats’ and locations of our work, but as spaces alive with magnificence and beauty.

The calendar is available in DESKTOP and WALL FORMATS

Desk: 29 cm x 16 cm – Rs. 210

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Wall: 34 cm x 42 cm – Rs. 260

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We are also able to offer bulk discounts (on orders above 100 calendars) as well as customise the calendar with your organisation’s logo. Please contact us on or +91-94480-51509 to discuss these options.

Please note: we will print the calendars only upon receiving a minimum number of orders. This means that printing and dispatch will be done on certain dates (31 October and 30 November) and not on demand. This way, we ensure minimisation of paper usage and wastage, as well as keep prices down. We hope you understand.

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