What is it about fig trees?

They have a magical hold over me. It happens every time. I see a fig tree — it doesn’t matter what type of fig tree – I stop, I stare, and then I smile. I veer right toward it as if on autopilot and stand up close to the ttrk. Under the canopy of the […]

Stupendous Spiders

Eight legs and eight eyes Spun a web and caught three flies What comes to your mind when someone says the word “spider” to you? Long hairy legs and sticky webs? A scary little creature lurking in some deep dark corner? If you, like many people, don’t like spiders, that’s quite understandable since spiders rarely get much […]

One giant leap

– Amruta Rane (posted on behalf of Amruta who is right now still bravely roaming the forests of Arunachal, counting her beloved Toko plants along the way…) Kumar, Khem (my field assistants) and I were in Khari, which is an anti-poaching camp along the southern boundary of Pakke Wildlife Sanctuary & Tiger reserve in Arunachal […]

When the cat did not have its fill

Or How apparently harmless human presence can disturb an elusive carnivore by Rishi Kumar Sharma (Rishi is in field at the moment with little access to email and I am posting this on his behalf) It was a usual summer morning at Spiti; the first rays of the sun were illuminating the tops of the […]