How I wish I was a fish!

Wouldn’t you love to be a fish – gorgeously coloured and interestingly shaped, spending your life jumping from one coral to another…just like a hawkfish? With a wonderfully apt name, these patient stalkers of prey behave like hawks. They rest and wait for that opportune moment when they can dash out to grab their meal. […]

Fancy sea fan

The beautiful sea fans are home to a variety of fishes, shrimps, feather star, shells and algae I am a big fan of sea fans! Why won’t anyone be, considering their wonderful shapes and colours? They are found amongst the reefs of the Indo-Pacific oceans, and make some of the most beautiful underwater sights. Sea […]

The Constant Gardener

By Elrika D’Souza and Vardhan Patankar Out in the wonderfully clear azure seas of the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago, we embarked on a quest to study the little known animal, the dugong, commonly known as sea cow. Spending about seventy percent of their lives below the surface dugongs come into view only briefly when they […]

A day in the life of a butterfly fish

The coral reef that day was filled with plankton. Butterfly fishes drifted through, occasionally stopping to nibble on bits of coral. They were like a school of miniature art models with their protruding mouths and vivid colours. The warm current quickened their movements, and they swam through the reef, disturbing millions of swarming plankton. Just […]

Curd or chatni, Sir!

If you are near the NCF office in Mysore, Seetharam Shetty is the man to look out for. He is famous in the area, not by name but by what he has to offer. For one, he serves inexpensive, hygienic, clean and tasty food. Secondly, when this affable fifty-five year old serves food, he offers […]

Expedition North Andaman

A beautiful morning sun sparkled gold across the ripples of a gentle sea. About a mile from the shore a fishing boat chugged the water towards us. It was Yoayelas boat, our field assistant who sailed early in the morning from Karmatang on Middle Andaman Island to pick up the rest of the expedition team […]

“Bit by pit…life goes on”

After applying some strong smelling balm around my entire foot he proceeded to heat a surgical blade. I closed my eyes and lay on the ground. And I screamed. A shout of panic-fear escaped my open mouth, and then another. I bit down on my tongue. The old man had made two slits below the […]