Ecotourist, tread softly!

Humans have always looked upon everything in nature as resources. Forests continue to provide us a staggering range of raw and finished products. Wildlife too, are resources. And there are different ways of using these resources—we hunt deer for meat, trap tigers for skin, poach elephants for ivory. We cut trees to cook dinner, to […]

Going into gravy?

A tribal elder in southern India, a Bollywood actor, a young villager. One uses an ingenious piece of bent wire, the second a high-powered rifle, and the last, a jaw trap. The first makes a meal of his catch, the second carries home the antlers as trophy and the third sells the skin and bones […]

Living on the edge

You are Mallesha. A fifty-six year old farmer. You live in Maguvinahalli, a village on the northern edge of the famous Bandipur National Park. Every year, at the end of summer, you till your meagre 4 acres, sow some jowar and some sunflowers. For weeks you work in the baking heat. Once the monsoons arrive, […]