At a crossroads

Siddhesha loaded his belongings on a bullock cart and looked at his home. A flood of memories flowed before his eyes. He saw himself as a child running in the courtyard of their village home while his mother pleaded with him to finish the last ball of raagi . He saw a rebellious and angry […]

Three different voices

“ Aaha, aaha, kunu bhoi nai! ”(Come, come! No need to fear!). Naathu Bora invited a troop of rhesus macaques that was approaching his paddy field located next to the Hollongapar forest in Upper Assam. I was studying this group of monkeys to understand their survival strategies and interactions with other monkey troops that lived nearby. It was […]

A remnant tale

An ear-piercing shrill! We stop dead in our tracks and listen. ‘Just a bird’, I mutter and walk on. Silence. Thud!  Some commotion in the nearby bamboo patch. ‘Could it be an elephant?’ we wonder. More silence. Another thud follows a shriller cry! We look at each other. We can’t be wrong this time. It […]

Wildlife under wheels

As a pigtailed macaque troop moved towards the railway track, I got curious. Will they cross it today? I have never seen them moving across it. One by one, all of them assembled on the trees lining the railway track. A sub-adult male cautiously descended down and, within a blink of an eye, crossed the […]