How the tangkung lost its tail

The Adi community from central Arunachal Pradesh have an interesting way of naming the birds around them: most are named from the sound of their calls. For instance, the Golden-throated Barbet is called Gapo, the Blue-throated Barbet is called Probo, the Collared Owlet is called Inkok- konkok and most warblers are called Michirbi. The beautiful […]

A hunter’s log

I live in Bomdo1 (, one of the oldest among the Adi community inhabited villages in central Arunachal Pradesh. There are several things I am interested in telling you about my tribe; we cultivate rice, millets, corn, vegetables and edible tubers in the slopes of the hills that surround our village, we follow the Donyi […]

A park too far

The thought of being inside Mouling National Park in a days time lightened the heavy load I was carrying. Some of the folks smiled wondering why I was more interested in the GPS unit I was carrying than to unload the bags while we rest at a place called Yabo Roglé after a steep  uphill […]

A tale of two valleys

…at the ends of the Himalayas: life in Spiti and Siang valleys – Kulbhushan & Karthik     A dialogue that sparked off between us about which dried-meat tastes better; Mithun or Yak, instantly became a meaty confab beyond bovids that revolved around communities in Spiti and Siang valley and their practices. One look at […]