Message in a pollen

    Here is a tricky problem that we plants face: for us to make seeds and baby plants, a pollen grain from the anther of one plant has to find its way to the stigma of another plant and so meet the ovule. But how can this happen when we can’t move? The answer […]

How the tangkung lost its tail

The Adi community from central Arunachal Pradesh have an interesting way of naming the birds around them: most are named from the sound of their calls. For instance, the Golden-throated Barbet is called Gapo, the Blue-throated Barbet is called Probo, the Collared Owlet is called Inkok- konkok and most warblers are called Michirbi. The beautiful […]

Ptero’s story as told by a Jack tree

It was an unsettling place to land on, no leaf litter, no shade, not much moisture in the soil, and no kin around, unlike places it had visited earlier. It was April, almost peak summer. Ptero, a seed, had been drifting with the wind for a few days, finally to land on this treeless clearing, […]

A hunter’s log

I live in Bomdo1 (, one of the oldest among the Adi community inhabited villages in central Arunachal Pradesh. There are several things I am interested in telling you about my tribe; we cultivate rice, millets, corn, vegetables and edible tubers in the slopes of the hills that surround our village, we follow the Donyi […]

A park too far

The thought of being inside Mouling National Park in a days time lightened the heavy load I was carrying. Some of the folks smiled wondering why I was more interested in the GPS unit I was carrying than to unload the bags while we rest at a place called Yabo Roglé after a steep  uphill […]

A tale of two valleys

…at the ends of the Himalayas: life in Spiti and Siang valleys – Kulbhushan & Karthik     A dialogue that sparked off between us about which dried-meat tastes better; Mithun or Yak, instantly became a meaty confab beyond bovids that revolved around communities in Spiti and Siang valley and their practices. One look at […]