Plant invaders: Q&A with Geetha Ramaswami

  Geetha Ramaswami is a Research Associate at NCF, and is particularly interested in invasive plants—especially how they affect and get affected by the ecosystem they invade.   What are introduced species? What are native species? Well, over many millennia, different species have evolved to live in different kinds of environments. They may not have […]

Where are elephants in Valparai? Find out on a bus!

Our Elephant Information Network has a new addition: voice announcement systems installed on government buses to alert passengers about elephant presence in the Valparai plateau. If you happen to hop onto a Government bus in Valparai in the evening, instead of that uptempo Tamil music that you were expecting though the speakers, you might be surprised […]

Settling on shaky ground: How dead coral structures carve the fate of young coral recruits in the Lakshadweep islands

Photographs: Shreya Yadav Illustration: Rohan Arthur   For coral larvae—the free-floating progeny of adult coral—picking a perfect place to build their homes amidst the bustling crannies, alleys and turrets of reefs is ever so important, especially since once they settle, they spend their entire lives in the same place. But with sea temperatures spiralling upwards, […]

Bats like something in their tea!

Illustration: Rohan Chakravarty, New study shows that bats prefer rainforest fragments, riverine habitats and shade-grown coffee to tea plantations in the Valparai Plateau. The Western Ghats in India is the most densely populated biodiversity hotspot in the world! A mere six per cent of its old-growth forests remain; most of its natural vegetation has been […]

Back home to the healing forest

Read Part I of the story here. Abhi and his parents are at a wildlife rescue centre.  They were driving to the village when Abhi saw an injured python on the road. Luckily, they found a helpline number on a signboard nearby and dialed it. The rescue team arrived, carefully scooped the snake and put […]

Abhi to the rescue!

Drive safe – Countless animals right from mighty elephants to tiny frogs lose their lives to reckless, speeding vehicles each year in India. Photo credit: Sanjay Gubbi Abhi looks out the window from the backseat. He and his parents are on their way to his grandmother’s house in the village. They’re driving through a road that runs […]

Crocheting for Conservation

For conservation to be relevant, effective and long-term, it must benefit both animals and people. Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF) along with the Snow Leopard Trust (SLT) is working with women in Spiti to produce and sell quality products like crochet handicrafts and others, and in turn, garnering their valuable support for conservation. For almost 20 […]

NCF’s Ananda Kumar Wins Whitley Award

For his extraordinary work on mitigating human-elephant conflict in the Valparai plateau, Ananda has been awarded the prestigious Green Oscar at a ceremony in London last month. Since 2002, Ananda has been studying elephants in the plateau where large expanses of rainforest have been flattened by tea and coffee plantations. Home to 75,000 workers, Valparai is […]