Journeys in Arunachal

Travelling in north-east India can be an amusing, exhilarating experience or nerve-wracking and frustrating depending on your frame of mind and your stars. Murphy’s law applies – so just bear in mind that if anything can go wrong it will, but then again it may not. As a wildlife biologist who has spent many years […]

It never rains in Spiti

3rd – 10th September 1995 The bus was hurtling its way down the rain and hail-washed mud road near the Kunzam pass when I realized that it was actually snowing lightly. Sitting cosily ensconced in the relative comfort of the Himachal State Transport Roadways bus, I felt a great thrill watching the lightly falling snow […]

The Hunter

November 1995: It was only my third day in Pakke Tiger Reserve – then known as Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, – and I was excited by the newness and wonder of everything around. And of being in Arunachal for the first time. The previous day, we had walked 13 km to reach the Khari camp as […]

Thank you and setting the record straight

The recent Whitley Fund for Nature Award has brought support and attention to our work in Arunachal Pradesh, for which I have felt grateful, as it will help scale-up our current work. It also came with a fair amount of media attention, celebrating this recognition, which I appreciate. At the same time, as it often […]