Meat momos for everyone!

Life in the little Himalayan village of Kibber is usually relaxed. But not today.   Unlike most days, folks in Kibber seemed to be jostling around with a sense of great urgency that morning. Life in this little village, high up in the Himalaya, is generally very relaxed. But not today. I couldn’t tell what […]

Surprise sighting in Spiti

  The snow leopard is so elusive it is often referred to as the phantom of the peaks.   “Nature is beautiful and full of surprises”, I said to a group of young school students. We were at Chomaling, a pasture close to Kibber village in the Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh. I was participating […]

Penguins of Tibet

Working to conserve snow leopards is a fascinating job. You get to work out of places most can only imagine. But you can also go through years, sometimes decades, of work, before seeing the elusive animal you are trying to protect. And then, suddenly some day, you get more than what you bargained for. That […]

The khirava’s cave

In a distant Himalayan village, my young neighbour told me the story of hunter Gonpo Dorje It had been a few days since I reached Kibber, a village 4,200m high in the Himalayan mountains. The larger region is called Spiti, which means ‘the middle land’, as it lies between India and Tibet. I was still […]