An urban menagerie

by Geetha Ramaswami In a city crowded with concrete monsters, an unbuilt patch of land is sometimes the only green in a sea of grey. A little walled plot of land sitting three storeys below my home serves as the backyard to many buildings and as a compost pit to everybody living here. From the […]

Calendar 2016

The natural world is teeming with colour—from electric-green glassfish to scarlet crabs and salmon-pink mushrooms. For the 2016 calendar theme, we have tried to showcase some of the unusual and stunning hues of our natural spaces and species. Through the purchase of our calendars, you will help support our efforts to create a reasoned and just relationship between wild […]

Where the land meets the sea

by Pooja Rathod   Today’s article is not about animals walking on land or swimming in the ocean. It’s about big and small creatures living in-between – that is, where the land meets the sea. In this ‘inter-tidal zone’, the water rises and falls every few hours, alternately drowning and then completely drying out this […]

Eyes in the forest

by Rashmi Bhat   When I was young and could not sleep at night, my mother would ask me to “count sheep.” I was meant to imagine a large number of sheep jumping over a fence one by one, and to try counting them so that the repetitive exercise (and sheer boredom!) would lull me to sleep. […]

New crew on board!

Several new people have joined us at NCF, between last issue of BushChat (when it was still print-on-paper only) and now. Many are field staff from local communities, who form the backbone of every project we undertake. Without their intimate knowledge of the landscapes and species, and their generosity in sharing this knowledge, our work would simply […]