The joy of cloudspotting

by Shreya Yadav When I landed in San Francisco a few years ago and got in the air train to the city, the first thing I noticed were the clouds outside the window. I had never seen clouds like this before. Soft white curls rolled across the horizon in perfect Van Gogh waves, swirling like […]

Nature in Music

We asked our staff for their favourite songs that evoke memories and feelings, merry and melancholy, of the natural world—ones that celebrate its beauty and wonder, and ones that lament about the environmental crises we’re grappling with today. And here are some of their suggestions. Do you have favourite tunes that moan about or celebrate nature? We’d love […]

Shekru sees a blazing issue

by Geetha Ramaswami Shekru the giant squirrel sees a massive plume of smoke rising from the far side of the forest. He can sense waves of smaller creatures living in the soil fleeing impending doom… Shekru is very content hanging upside down from a teak tree branch, decimating his loot of newly procured seeds, his […]

Colours of a Catastrophe

by Shreya Yadav   I am swimming in the unusually warm waters of Kalpeni in the Lakshadweep, overwhelmed by the bizarre colours of this catastrophe. Muted pastel shades have turned violently psychedelic. A branching colony of brown Pocillopora is now lavender, sky-blue fingers of Acropora a radiant white, grey sheets of Montipora fluoresce green and […]

Rendezvous with Gabbar

by Nisarg Prakash The river cut across the heart of the landscape, flowing past rich green paddy fields and ancient forests. Her blue-green waters looked inviting in the dry heat. Scattered hills in the landscape resembled slumbering giants. The school was an old, tiled building close to the river. A grove of large trees hid the river […]

An urban menagerie

by Geetha Ramaswami In a city crowded with concrete monsters, an unbuilt patch of land is sometimes the only green in a sea of grey. A little walled plot of land sitting three storeys below my home serves as the backyard to many buildings and as a compost pit to everybody living here. From the […]

All Aboard Expedition Lakshadweep!

Ahoy there, folks! This season, as the monstrous El Niño brews in the Pacific, follow our team @Oceans_NCF (The Arthur Lab) as they set sail on an expedition to survey the entire Lakshadweep archipelago! Here are a few snippets of their voyage via Twitter:   The dive crew!    

Calendar 2016

The natural world is teeming with colour—from electric-green glassfish to scarlet crabs and salmon-pink mushrooms. For the 2016 calendar theme, we have tried to showcase some of the unusual and stunning hues of our natural spaces and species. Through the purchase of our calendars, you will help support our efforts to create a reasoned and just relationship between wild […]