Ants killing an antlion

Ants are everywhere, and I mean literally everywhere, and yet we hardly pay any attention to them unless they invade our cookie jars. For me observing ants is like watching one of those psychological thrillers where they show a lot of creativity in torturing other people, a bit bizarre and
violent, mostly disturbing. Ants are also very creative in that matter.


I once saw a group of 7-8 weaver ants (Oecophylla sp.) They were trying to kill an antlion (not an ant, but another type of insect that digs pits to trap ants and eat them) by pulling apart its legs and jaw. The antlion was in the centre and all the ants were pulling its legs and jaw in opposite directions.


I am not sure how effective this method is, but it is quiet unique—it requires equal amounts of patience and coordination. Maybe less bizarre, but I have also seen ants penetrating the eye of half dead snake and eating it from the inside!


Photo and words:







Jenis Patel

High Altitude Programme