Sulli the unknown bird

Reaction from the bird community on the news of Chief Minister’s chopper making an emergency landing after a bird hit (see news reports below).

By Birds Press Trust of India (BPTI) | May 07, 2017.

Possible image of Sulli. For representation purpose only. Actual bird may look completely different. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Possible image of Sulli. For representation purpose only, actual bird may look completely different. Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Sulli is the name of a bird that got severely injured or killed by a chopper few days ago. Indian Peafowl the head of the Indian Birds Welfare Association (IBWA not to be confused with other IBWA) said that the bird committee had decided to name this bird as Sulli after Sully, the movie, about aircraft hit on birds. It is unknown whether Sulli was a male or female, or whether the bird was a juvenile, immature or an adult. All they know is that Sulli was a bird and as per a news reports Sulli could be an eagle (another report says an eaglet). “But given the understanding we have on the skills of human news reporters (who call even local birds as migrants and from foreign lands) it is difficult to trust their statement on the identification of the bird”, said Indian Roller the state representative of IBWA. Indian peafowl further claimed that any the reports 1,2,3,4,5 produced by human reporters were at best one sided and insensitive and bird related news needed to be covered by bird reporters to provide a balanced account.  Another state member of IBWA chirped that almost all the news reports prepared by human reporters used statements such as “tragedy averted”, “no damage for chopper”, “birds are menace at the airport”, and showed little concern for birds. Rock Pigeon, a permanent resident at the air port, cooed with anguish that except for “The Onion”, finest news source from America, no other human news agencies reported similar news responsibly (see the news clipping below).

Spotted owlet, a nocturnal visitor to the airport and also the spoke person of office of the Bird Registrar General & Bird Census Commissioner, screeched that her office is not clear on how to file this particular record, as they don’t know what happened to Sulli. The spoke person further added that it will be too dangerous for their team to go to the spot for any further investigations due to a danger of being hit.