When termites take wing

by Abinand Reddy The summer had beaten the valley. Everything looked thirsty – the animals and trees. Even the ground looked parched. Except for the occasional rustling of the tired and dusty leaves, the valley stood still. The calls of birds and squirrels weren’t to be heard today. Maybe they had found a nice shady […]

The land of travelling falcons

by Swati Sidhu   The sunlight was weakening and the cool of an advancing night was creeping into the air. We stopped to ask a young man where we were. “In Tyrso”, he replied. Marshall, Nick, and I had been driving for three hours and had watched the road gradually deteriorate the further we got […]

What is it about fig trees?

They have a magical hold over me. It happens every time. I see a fig tree — it doesn’t matter what type of fig tree – I stop, I stare, and then I smile. I veer right toward it as if on autopilot and stand up close to the ttrk. Under the canopy of the […]