Why Mizoram must revive, not eradicate, jhum

There is something extraordinary about the cheraw (bamboo dance) performed during Chapchar Kut. The dance is unique, elegant, and spectacular, but it carries a deeper connection to the land and lives of the people, particularly to the remarkable practice of shifting agriculture (or jhum) which subtly encapsulates the dance of the bamboos themselves on the […]

Rendezvous with Gabbar

by Nisarg Prakash The river cut across the heart of the landscape, flowing past rich green paddy fields and ancient forests. Her blue-green waters looked inviting in the dry heat. Scattered hills in the landscape resembled slumbering giants. The school was an old, tiled building close to the river. A grove of large trees hid the river […]

Where are elephants in Valparai? Find out on a bus!

Our Elephant Information Network has a new addition: voice announcement systems installed on government buses to alert passengers about elephant presence in the Valparai plateau. If you happen to hop onto a Government bus in Valparai in the evening, instead of that uptempo Tamil music that you were expecting though the speakers, you might be surprised […]