Calendar 2016

The natural world is teeming with colour—from electric-green glassfish to scarlet crabs and salmon-pink mushrooms. For the 2016 calendar theme, we have tried to showcase some of the unusual and stunning hues of our natural spaces and species.

Through the purchase of our calendars, you will help support our efforts to create a reasoned and just relationship between wild nature and human society. Please do consider making a purchase!

The calendar is available in desktop and wall formats!

Desktop: 7 inches by 10.25 inches — Rs. 250 each
Portrait orientation.

Wall:  13.5 inches by 17 inches — Rs. 300 each
Portrait orientation

We are also able to offer a discount for orders of over 100 pieces each. And we can add a company logo for those who would like the calendars customised.

We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at or +91-94480-51509 to discuss these options.

Please note: We will print the calendars only upon receiving a minimum number of orders. This means that printing and dispatch will be done on certain dates and not on demand. This way, we ensure minimisation of paper usage and wastage, as well as keep prices down. We hope you understand. Last date for ordering: December 15, 2015.

Have a look!

Calendar 2016_draft


Calendar 2016_draft2

Calendar 2016_draft3

Calendar 2016_draft4

Calendar 2016_draft5

Calendar 2016_draft6

Calendar 2016_draft7

Calendar 2016_draft8


Calendar 2016_draft10


Calendar 2016_draft11


Calendar 2016_draft12


Calendar 2016_draft13