Bats like something in their tea!

Illustration: Rohan Chakravarty, New study shows that bats prefer rainforest fragments, riverine habitats and shade-grown coffee to tea plantations in the Valparai Plateau. The Western Ghats in India is the most densely populated biodiversity hotspot in the world! A mere six per cent of its old-growth forests remain; most of its natural vegetation has been […]

Back home to the healing forest

Read Part I of the story here. Abhi and his parents are at a wildlife rescue centre.  They were driving to the village when Abhi saw an injured python on the road. Luckily, they found a helpline number on a signboard nearby and dialed it. The rescue team arrived, carefully scooped the snake and put […]

Abhi to the rescue!

Drive safe – Countless animals right from mighty elephants to tiny frogs lose their lives to reckless, speeding vehicles each year in India. Photo credit: Sanjay Gubbi Abhi looks out the window from the backseat. He and his parents are on their way to his grandmother’s house in the village. They’re driving through a road that runs […]