Catch it in -20C

It is really difficult to work at 14,000 ft. in the Trans-Himalaya where the temperature can dip to an astonishing -20C, but it is even harder to play a sport like cricket in such harsh conditions. The frozen ball pierces you when you try to stop or catch it, and you can imagine the agony of it hitting your shin after missing […]

New crew on board!

Several new people have joined us at NCF, between last issue of BushChat (when it was still print-on-paper only) and now. Many are field staff from local communities, who form the backbone of every project we undertake. Without their intimate knowledge of the landscapes and species, and their generosity in sharing this knowledge, our work would simply […]

The life of a fry

by Rucha Karkarey Where do baby fish come from? You probably thought about Nemo – the famous clownfish who was raised by his parents in an anemone ‘nest’. Many fish like Nemo rear their young, in makeshift nests. The trusty male seahorse nurtures his partner’s eggs in his stomach. Some strange fish like cardinalfish even […]