A crown in the flower

by Siddharthan Surveswaran When you pass through any wasteland in your locality you may notice a pale green plant with thick leaves and small purplish-white flowers. Some even grow this plant in front of their houses for religious purposes. This plant is calledCalotropis, and it is a widespread kind of milkweed, originally from Africa. When […]

The Hunter

November 1995: It was only my third day in Pakke Tiger Reserve – then known as Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, – and I was excited by the newness and wonder of everything around. And of being in Arunachal for the first time. The previous day, we had walked 13 km to reach the Khari camp as […]

இயற்கையை அழித்தா வளர்ச்சி?

Unabridged Tamil version (Translated by P. Jeganathan) of “The long road to growth”  by T. R. Shankar Raman that appeared in The Hindu on 19th March 2015. Abridged version of this article appeared in The Hindu Tamil on 18th April 2015 (see here). கடந்த ஆகஸ்டு 2014 மற்றும் ஜனவரி 2015 நடந்த இரண்டே தேசிய காட்டுயிர் வாரியக் (National […]


by Rashmi Bhat An endangered species makes a living off people’s garbage “Paltan Bazaar to Boragaon”, I told my cab driver. “Where in Boragaon?” he enquired. “The massive dumping ground”, I said. His smile betrayed his thought: “Another one of those crazy tourists”. Still, he drove me to Boragaon. Mid-way, he got curious. “Why would […]

Message in a pollen

    Here is a tricky problem that we plants face: for us to make seeds and baby plants, a pollen grain from the anther of one plant has to find its way to the stigma of another plant and so meet the ovule. But how can this happen when we can’t move? The answer […]