Hornbill hills: the hunter

by Swati Sidhu When Budhiram, Tana and Kagum set out into the forest hunting for Paga…   Somewhere in the hills of Arunachal, a boy, a man and a dog hurried home in the failing light. The hills were not high, but were rugged and steep. Up close, different shades of green seemed to merge […]

Blowin’ in the wind – II

Cross-posted from View from Elephant Hills From a boat on Assam’s Deepor Beel—the freshwater lake lying south-west of Guwahati, the largest city in India’s northeast—you can look east past thousands of waterbirds and a carpet of floating leaves to see the city’s seething, smoking garbage dump. Under spotless blue skies, a thin brown haze blankets […]

Balcony birding

by Garima Bhatia   What is it about birds that attracts us? Is it a fascination with flight, or because birds are often brightly coloured and attractive to look at? Is it because watching birds through binoculars gives us an insight into an unknown world, or is it the thrill of clicking a beautiful photo? […]