How corals got their colour

by Shreya Yadav   A long time ago, in the shallow, sunlit waters of the earth a coral polyp and an alga started a unique relationship that benefitted both. Read on to know what happened to next…   About 230 million years ago, when the earliest dinosaurs were beginning to walk the earth and strange […]

The Constant Gardener

By Elrika D’Souza and Vardhan Patankar Out in the wonderfully clear azure seas of the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago, we embarked on a quest to study the little known animal, the dugong, commonly known as sea cow. Spending about seventy percent of their lives below the surface dugongs come into view only briefly when they […]

How the tangkung lost its tail

The Adi community from central Arunachal Pradesh have an interesting way of naming the birds around them: most are named from the sound of their calls. For instance, the Golden-throated Barbet is called Gapo, the Blue-throated Barbet is called Probo, the Collared Owlet is called Inkok- konkok and most warblers are called Michirbi. The beautiful […]