Steamed, with salt and a dash of lime

by Rucha Karkarey   Classifying parrotfish can be a nightmare for taxonomists   “Today’s special is parrotfish. How would you like your fish cooked, Madam?” the waiter at a seafood restaurant in Kochi asked as he presented to me the most beautiful specimen of a Bullethead parrotfish (Chlorurus sordidus ). I marvelled at the fish’s […]

THE resurrection

by Shreya Yadav   Does the ill-fated Bustard have a chance at a happy ending?   THE STORY SO FAR An endangered bird with an unfortunate name loses to the peacock for the title of national bird. Neglected, it is poached for its meat and eggs. India, in the meantime, is growing. Farming gets more […]

All in a name

by Shreya Yadav   The Great Indian Bustard — one of the rarest, most critically endangered flying birds alive today — was once almost India’s national bird. Why was the peacock chosen instead?   It’s an early morning in July in the open grasslands of Rajasthan, and the sun is coming up slowly over the […]