River reverie

On the occasion of World Rivers Day, re-posting an article that appeared earlier in The Hindu Sunday Magazine. This article was based on experiences along the rivers of the Western Ghats. The rivers and streams of the Western Ghats are recognised as a globally important eco-region, and are the lifelines of Peninsular India. The river […]

The tropicbirds of memory

The arrival of the postman at our doorstep, just before noon, is always a welcome event, more so when he brings something always awaited by us: a book or a magazine, or even the rare letter. Today, he brought the latest issue of Indian Birds, volume 8 number 5 of our subscription to this excellent bird journal, which […]

Careful while you click!

Who isn’t fascinated by birds’ nests with eggs in them? But remember that it may not be a good idea to take out your camera. Here’s why…   The moment she hears him uttering… pitititit… she knows something is wrong. Almost immediately, he gives another urgent call sounding like Be care-ful ! The urgency tells […]

Mute swan moments

A commonly seen bird doesn’t really excite a local birdwatcher. Long time ago, a British birdwatcher visiting India said Red-vented Bulbul was his favourite. I said, ‘yeah they are nice birds’ but without much enthusiasm. When I went to UK, a local birdwatcher asked me which British bird I liked most. I replied instantly ‘Mute Swan’. He […]