She sells sea shells on the sea shore

by Rucha Karkarey “My favourite days of the month were when the new moon pulled the tide furthest away from the shore. The sea recedes and exposes an alien world in the little pools of water abandoned behind on the shore. Those were days when we used to descend like vultures upon that inter-tidal land, […]

Strange fish in familiar waters

by Ranjini Murali Last week we looked at Lantana, an invasive alien plant and its impact on our forests. This week we will look at some invasive alien fish species. To refresh our memories, invasive alien species are species not from a particular country but when introduced to that country spread across the landscape and […]

Lantana I.A.S. (Invasive Alien Species)

by Ranjini Murali How can a flower look so pretty, yet…   Have you seen this plant before? Where have you seen it? Around your house? In the forest? I see that plant everywhere. When I was growing up, I used to eat the berries of that plant. I loved it. It was only later […]

Three different voices

“ Aaha, aaha, kunu bhoi nai! ”(Come, come! No need to fear!). Naathu Bora invited a troop of rhesus macaques that was approaching his paddy field located next to the Hollongapar forest in Upper Assam. I was studying this group of monkeys to understand their survival strategies and interactions with other monkey troops that lived nearby. It was […]