Thank you and setting the record straight

The recent Whitley Fund for Nature Award has brought support and attention to our work in Arunachal Pradesh, for which I have felt grateful, as it will help scale-up our current work. It also came with a fair amount of media attention, celebrating this recognition, which I appreciate. At the same time, as it often […]

A morning with ‘Bloated Stomach’

  by Ranjini Murali   It’s 4:30 am. I groggily reach out to turn off the alarm. My day has just begun. Cora and I are not the only ones up so early. Although it is still dark, most of the village is stirring already. In the distance I can hear faint recitals which have been […]

Curd or chatni, Sir!

If you are near the NCF office in Mysore, Seetharam Shetty is the man to look out for. He is famous in the area, not by name but by what he has to offer. For one, he serves inexpensive, hygienic, clean and tasty food. Secondly, when this affable fifty-five year old serves food, he offers […]