Bringing back a commoner

by K.S. Gopi Sundar You might remember from the first part of this story that Common Cranes had gone nearly extinct in the United Kingdom. An ambitious and creative conservation project is trying to bring them back to the country. Scientists obtained eggs from a German reserve and hatched them in the UK, taking care […]

THE GREAT Crane Project

by K.S. Gopi Sundar   With their loud, resonant bugling calls, elaborate dances, impressive migrations, and long lifespans, cranes are difficult to miss. There are only 15 crane species worldwide but they more than make up for this by living in many different kinds of landscapes, which they share with an incredible array of species, […]

Acrobats on water

If you walk along the bank of a stream, river, lake, pond or even around lush green paddy field you will certainly notice dragonflies and damselflies. They are collectively called odonates (from the OrderOdonata ) and are an amazing group of insects. Their life cycle is closely associated with water. They are born, feed and […]

Glories of the streams

I am sitting by the side of a stream in the Western Ghats. It is my favourite stream. A small Ficus tree on the bank leans over it. Ferns and Impatiens adorn the bank. The sun is up, its rays dancing on the water. Schools of little fishes are busy feeding at the bottom of […]