A tree hole for a home

By Aparajita Datta Last week, we saw how hornbills are important for seed dispersion in forests. Their nesting habits are linked to how they disperse seeds. So here’s some more information on how these interesting birds nest. Hornbills make their nests in tree hollows. They look for hollows that are large enough for the mother […]

Hornbills: Farmers of our forests

In April this year, The Hindu launched an exclusive schools edition. NCF has a weekly column each Wednesday in this paper, on wildlife, nature, conservation and other things directly or indirectly related to these. Twice a week on this blog, we’ll post the pieces that have appeared in the column. By Aparajita Datta Hornbills are […]

Flight of the Goose

by Anushree Bhattacharjee Flying high, at speeds of over 150 kilometers per hour, crossing the Himalayas in one single tireless flight! Flapping strongly and honking over the highest mountain range in the world! No, this is not a story about Superman. This is about a “Superbird”, the Bar-headed Goose ( Anser indicus ), one of […]