Dugongs, mermaids of the sea

by Vardhan Patankar and Elrika D’souza   Blubbery, yet curvaceous, with a body like that of a woman and a tail like that of a fish. This is exactly what they were once mistaken for, according to folklore. They are said to have lured sailors, giving rise to the myth of mermaids. Much better understood […]

A thousand leopards in the sea

by Rucha Karkarey and Vardhan Patankar   Aboard a tiny boat in the waters of the Lakshadweep, a group of researchers spotted something incredible… Can you imagine seeing a thousand leopards in a forest patch, the size of a football field? As you make your way through the forest thicket, you are elated when you […]

Expedition North Andaman

A beautiful morning sun sparkled gold across the ripples of a gentle sea. About a mile from the shore a fishing boat chugged the water towards us. It was Yoayelas boat, our field assistant who sailed early in the morning from Karmatang on Middle Andaman Island to pick up the rest of the expedition team […]

Not just a boatman

by Nachiket Kelkar   Pramod was one of these people, affecting and affected by the river, and by dolphin conservation…   I first met the unbelievable character that went by the name of Pramod Mandal in December 2006 in Bhagalpur, Bihar. A dark, tall, lanky man wearing a greasy dark brown shirt, a lungi of […]