Dugongs, mermaids of the sea

by Vardhan Patankar and Elrika D’souza   Blubbery, yet curvaceous, with a body like that of a woman and a tail like that of a fish. This is exactly what they were once mistaken for, according to folklore. They are said to have lured sailors, giving rise to the myth of mermaids. Much better understood […]

A thousand leopards in the sea

by Rucha Karkarey and Vardhan Patankar   Aboard a tiny boat in the waters of the Lakshadweep, a group of researchers spotted something incredible… Can you imagine seeing a thousand leopards in a forest patch, the size of a football field? As you make your way through the forest thicket, you are elated when you […]

Not just a boatman

by Nachiket Kelkar   Pramod was one of these people, affecting and affected by the river, and by dolphin conservation…   I first met the unbelievable character that went by the name of Pramod Mandal in December 2006 in Bhagalpur, Bihar. A dark, tall, lanky man wearing a greasy dark brown shirt, a lungi of […]