Kosi: a river that can’t be pinned down

by Nachiket Kelkar The memory of a catastrophic flood, though frequent for the people of eastern Bihar, is still an important one. The river decides the course of millions of lives as she changes her flooding course year to year. For the mighty Kosi River, the adjective ‘dynamic’ is but an understatement. While surveying the […]

Dolphins for the Governor

by Nachiket Kelkar   I stayed the night in the tourist hut at Katerniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary. Although we had reached here early that day, I had just waited around from later afternoon for the boat ride in the Giruwa River that runs through the sanctuary, eager to watch gharial, muggers and river dolphins. But the […]

Turning the turtle

At the edge of the foaming sea, behind the spent waves on the beach, shapes materialize in the night. They are ancient shapes that have appeared countless times over millions of years. They slowly pulse towards the shore, their domed shells barely showing at the surface. Under a waning gibbous moon, scaly flippers strike the […]

The land of the fungus

by Ranjini Murali   Fungi are best friends with both life and death Imagine the forest just after a heavy shower. Can you smell the soil after the rain? You can hear the squish-squish of the fallen leaves mixed with the soil under your feet as you plod along. The leaves are a vibrant green […]

Friendly fungi

by Ranjini Murali   Last week, we told you the story of a deadly kind of fungi that took over the brain of an ant. But not all fungi are dangerous. There are some that are immensely useful. Scientist Alexander Fleming, whose birthday falls this month (August 6) is celebrated for his role in helping […]

Attack of the killer fungus

by Ranjini Murali   When Cordyceps infects insects, it takes over their brains and changes the way the insect behaves   The ant was in hurry. He had to get to the nest before nightfall and he still had a long way to go. Determined not to let his weary feet buckle, he pushed forward. […]