The mysterious cat of the high mountains

There are 36 species of wild cats in the world today and they inhabit all continents except for Australasia and Antarctica. Despite a huge variation in their size from the massive Siberian tiger (200-325 kg) to the prim black-footed cat (1-2 kg) their behaviour is remarkably similar. All cats are supreme predators and are built […]

Go batty with this quiz

by Claire Wordley   Can you identify these three bats? Bat A: Bat B: Bat C: The World of Bats How much do you know about bats? Bats are helpful creatures that help pollinate plants. You might know some of the answers to this quiz if you’ve been reading about bats in previous issues of The […]

Gowa of Ladakh!

The vast, deep blue sky stretches as far as my eyes can see; so does the infinite, rolling landscape dotted with herbs and other small plants. There is no movement anywhere, not even a shadow of a being in this part of the Himalayas. I stand in awe and admiration of this gift of nature […]

Crows, but not quite…

I saw these crows for the first time in the Himalayan mountains above Manali, almost 20 years ago. Even back then, they seemed interesting. But, it was only much later, when I came to work in the valley of Spiti in Himachal Pradesh that my liking for them turned into a deep happy relationship. They […]