The sheep that isn’t

One often hears the phrase ‘What’s in a name?’. For the Blue sheep of the Himalayas, the question is particularly apt! It is neither blue, nor a true sheep and despite having a common name Bharal (in Hindi), it’s called Blue sheep! Its scientific name Pseudois nayaur ( Pseudois = false sheep) also conveys this […]

Of tamarind and tolerance

An edited and shorter version of this article appeared in The Hindu Sunday Magazine on 17 June 2012. For centuries, long rows of grand tamarind trees have marked our roadsides, particularly in southern India. The wide, old roads radiating from Coimbatore city, in particular, had long rows of grand tamarind trees on either side. One […]

Why we need to protect bat species

by Claire Wordley     About 25 per cent of bat species are threatened with extinction; and every extinct species is a link lost in the complicated ecosystem of the world. It’s like a city – if we lose the mail service, the rubbish collection service, the electricity or the workers who repair the road, […]