A tiger’s pain

I had seen a tiger in the wild only once. Deep inside the rainforests of Kalakad – Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve (KMTR) in the southern Western Ghats. It was a memorable sighting that I always treasure and proudly tell others about. Before KMTR, the only memorable tiger sighting I had was at the rescue and rehabilitation […]

The world of bats: echolocation

by Claire Wordley   Bats have big, sensitive ears to hear soft echoes; this helps them sense where they are going even in the dark You can put bats into a pitch black room full of objects, and they’ll fly around without ever crashing into anything. Let some flies or mosquitoes loose in the room, […]

A remnant tale

An ear-piercing shrill! We stop dead in our tracks and listen. ‘Just a bird’, I mutter and walk on. Silence. Thud!  Some commotion in the nearby bamboo patch. ‘Could it be an elephant?’ we wonder. More silence. Another thud follows a shriller cry! We look at each other. We can’t be wrong this time. It […]

Twinkle, twinkle, little bat

by Claire Wordley   We only ever get fleeting glimpses of bats as they flutter overhead like dark scraps of leather, mysterious in the night. These glimpses have inspired legends about vampires, witches and devils, striking fear into people who associate bats with dark magic and blood drinking. In some places, bats are killed and […]

The pigeon’s passengers

How the imperial pigeons play a crucial role in regenerating our rainforests.   There is a modesty in their conquest of mountains. From tall trees on high ridges, they scan the landscape, their heads turning on long and graceful necks. They have scaled peaks, even surpassed them. Yet, they speak only in soft and hushed […]