Islands in peril

It is not often that our national newspapers carry informed and thoughtful articles about ecology and conservation, especially concerning our islands and coasts. The Hindu, taking a lead on this, has published a series of six articles in the Sunday Magazine spanning concerns in ecology and society in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The articles appeared between 22 January and 26 February 2012. The articles listed and linked below address a range of issues such as tribal reserves, wildlife conservation, invasive alien species, endangered species, and new developments that threaten these unique islands, the marine ecosystems, and indigenous people. Most are accompanied by lovely photographs as well.

Conservation caveats

T. R. SHANKAR RAMAN & DIVYA MUDAPPA | February 26, 2012

An endemic hornbill threatened by proposed developments on Narcondam Island and a swiftlet whose nests are a commodity in wildlife trade provide lessons for conservation.

Develop and perish?


How long can Great Nicobar Island, home to spectacular bio-diversity, resist development and security pressures?

Fading of an invisible map


A reef management plan that’s an intricate system of prohibitions and permits, clothed in superstition, has worked for centuries. Now it is beginning to fall apart.

An intricate web

PANKAJ SEKHSARIA | February 5, 2012

Unlike the rest of India, tribal rights and conservation are not at the opposite ends of the spectrum in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Yet, there are challenges.

Imported Threat

RAUF ALI | January 29, 2012

They’re beautiful but within themselves they carry the seeds of destruction.

Targeting Tillanchong

MANISH CHANDI | January 22, 2012

Invaluable for the Nicobarese people and endemic wildlife, Tillanchong island in the Nicobars is threatened by a proposal to make it a missile-testing site.

See also the article on the Andaman Trunk Road posted here, which appeared on 1 January 2012.


1 thought on “Islands in peril

  1. It was heartening to go through the series of articles on the environment. The articles are well researched and show concerns for the ecology with sound logic.
    For the sake of development and betterment of human race (not to speak of strategic compulsions)modernisation has to coexist withconservation.

    Can you please rethink on the negative titles in future…
    Must remember that ‘We are from the same team and furthering the same goals’

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