The PEST solution

In what is being heralded as one of the most visionary efforts in recent times to stem the extinction crisis, a collaborative effort by ecologists and economists from India, Brazil, and the USA has developed a novel solution for biodiversity conservation. Announcing this amidst great excitement today at a packed press conference at the Carneghee […]

Why did the Chameleons cross the road?

I was dozing away while sitting next to driver while travelling from Trichy to Valparai. We started about four in the morning and found it difficult to keep awake any more. The cab driver noticed this and politely asked few questions to avert my early morning sleep. It was about 8 in the morning and […]

Death on the highway

This article was published in The Hindu Survey of the Environment 2009 (pages 113 – 118) without the supporting footnotes. The original article with footnotes and photographs is reproduced here. Crunch! Splat! Thud! A daily massacre is occurring under the wheels of our vehicles. Thousands of lives are snuffed out tragically, instantaneously, and yet, we hardly […]