Saving Wild Ferns

The whistle of the pressure cooker was yet to blow and it seemed an endless wait. In the meantime, my cell phone rang. Divya Calling…… Divya: Hello… Me: Yes Divya, tell me.. Divya: Hey, where are you man? Me: I am at home, tell me.. Divya: See, near the 30th hairpin bend, people from the […]

Wild dog Watch

and Kamolika Photographs by Kamolika A bizarre encounter with a couple of wild dogs recently etched an indelible mark on my mind. Wild dogs are generally known to be averse to human presence. But our recent encounter with this beautiful canid is bit different. Commonly, naturalists and wildlife photographers take pains to watch them from […]

When the cat did not have its fill

Or How apparently harmless human presence can disturb an elusive carnivore by Rishi Kumar Sharma (Rishi is in field at the moment with little access to email and I am posting this on his behalf) It was a usual summer morning at Spiti; the first rays of the sun were illuminating the tops of the […]

Marathi Johnsingh

text by Atul Joshi & photos by M D Madhusudan It was the last week of January…winter was retreating. We were in the beautiful landscape of Koyana Wildlife Sanctuary in such pleasant weather; located in the majestic Sahyadri mountain ranges of Maharashtra. The objective was to initiate a project to monitor wildife in this region. […]