Living on the edge

You are Mallesha. A fifty-six year old farmer. You live in Maguvinahalli, a village on the northern edge of the famous Bandipur National Park. Every year, at the end of summer, you till your meagre 4 acres, sow some jowar and some sunflowers. For weeks you work in the baking heat. Once the monsoons arrive, […]

Base camp Neighbors

I saw them for the first time as I was moving into my base camp. Very excited, I focused my binocular and observed them for some time. They seemed to be wondering around; not searching for anything specific. Soon they were gone and I was back setting up my camp which was to be home […]

The butchery of the banyans

How difficult is it, in the depths of the human spirit, to find an ounce of compassion, an iota of sensitivity, to Nature? This is a question we are forced to ask, after a few journeys along the roads from Mysore. The roads from Mysore, leading west into Kodagu, and south towards the Biligirirangan Hills, […]