A tale of two valleys

…at the ends of the Himalayas: life in Spiti and Siang valleys – Kulbhushan & Karthik     A dialogue that sparked off between us about which dried-meat tastes better; Mithun or Yak, instantly became a meaty confab beyond bovids that revolved around communities in Spiti and Siang valley and their practices. One look at […]

Chiffchaffing about a ring species

Willow warbler is a very common migratory leaf warbler. This small bird has shown a ray of hope to those evolutionary biologists who have always been supporting what is called a ring species. There were always more evidence of the mode speciation in biology where one species diverges into two species due to some kind […]

The island with its back to the sea

My pen feels strange to my fingers.  I have to relearn gently the act of writing.  The QWERTY keyboard has taken over my fingertips, and reduced my writing to emails excusing myself for mails unresponded to.  Perhaps I have to retreat to remote islands such as these if I have to rediscover the nib and […]

Earth-scar evening

The road winds through a disfigured landscape of tea plantations. It skims the contours over the open reservoir with its sloping banks of naked red earth. It passes the checkpost with the inevitable tea stall, and only then does it plunge down. Down towards the rainforest, our destination for the evening. The Nilgiri langurs, on […]